Education in North Cyprus

Almost everyone has heard about North Cyprus. The island is known for its picturesque sightseen, the welcoming Mediterranean Sea and the sun all year long. Only a few visitors know that education in North Cyprus is highly supported by the government and only in the northern part of the island operate 15 international universities that teach more than 93,000 students from 80 countries. The number of foreign students here is constantly going up.

The certain advantages of choosing the University of North Cyprus for international students are:

  • High level of safety. Cyprus is a peaceful touristic island, where unlike other countries, almost never emergency situations occur;
  • World standards of education abroad and affordable fees;
  • In the Northern Cyprus University you can get a diploma, which is quoted and recognized in EU and US;
  • Government support for higher education in Cyprus;
  • Most of the North Cyprus universities are using the American system.

The list of universities in North Cyprus for international students

Higher education in North Cyprus is represented by numerous international universities with large campuses, developed infrastructure, technical facilities and excellent multinational teaching staff. Foreign students should know the English language well or accomplish advanced training or intensive courses at the university.

  • The American University of Girne – founded in 1985 in Girne; based on the American system; provides education on the faculties of medicine, political skills, law, engineering, communication and humanitarian skills. The university has bachelors, doctors’ degree as well as the summer English language school and the exchange program with the universities of Great Britain. Approximate fee per year is 3 000 euro.
  • Middle East Technical University – founded in 1988 near the small city Guzelurt; first known as a united project of Turkish government and the government of Northern Cyprus; now presents a great number of technical programs for international students such as oil and gas engineering, phycology, medicine and the rest, making full selection of the technical disciplines; approximate fee per year is 3 500 euro.
  • Cyprus International University – founded in 1997; is the innovational organization, providing education of the World level; from the moment of its founding, it has been providing knowledge in modern and practical professions; famous for 100% employment of its graduates; approximate fee per year is 3000 euro.
  • East-Mediterranean University – is the oldest one, founded in 1979 in Famagusta; educates international students in different magister, bachelor and masters programs as pharmacy, medicine, law, architecture, business, economy, IT, tourism; the university offers selection of discounts and pre-entering courses for international students; approximate fee per year is 3500 euro.

The fee for international students in various universities in Northern Cyprus is not much of a difference and depends on both - the level of education (bachelor, master) and facility (civil engineering, pharmaceutical faculty).

For example, at the Cyprus International University, the annual tuition fee for foreign students receiving a bachelor's degree is approximately € 3,600 per year, but the cost of some faculties, for example, those studying for pharmacists, reaches up to € 7,000 per year. Tuition fees for postgraduate education programs (Master, PhD) range between € 2000 and € 2500, depending on the program. Try our offers of North Cyprus real estate!

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