Northern Cyprus culture

Northern Cyprus is one of the most interesting and extraordinary places in the world. There are many earthshaking monuments on this island. Which has got a rich history and culture?

For example, one curious fact from the Northern Cyprus culture. Mosque of Mustafa Pasha is situated in the center of old town in Famagusta.

It was built as an ST Paul’s Cathedral in the fourteenth century. But after establishment Turkey republic it has been transformed into the mosque.

What about religion on Northern Cyprus?

Nowadays Northern Cyprus belongs to Turkey, the Islamism country. The religion of North Cyprus is Islamism too. Of course, North Cyprus religion has an influence on traditions and culture of Northern Cyprus. But Christianity is ratified.

While there are many old English settlements there. It has own ancient traditions and culture. All that influences on the modern Northern Cyprus lifestyle.

One of the engrossing events is different festivals. In June or July the orange festival is organized in the Guzelyurt town. And in August there is a wine festival in the village Mehmetcik. In October you can take part in the olive festival in the village Zeytinlik (not far from Kyrenia).

Food preferences in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus food is a corporate part of Northern Cyprus lifestyle and culture. You can try tasty Northern Cyprus food in different restaurants and cafes.

Turkish Cypriots like to sit down with a cup of coffee and talk about something. It’s also their lifestyle.

Left driving is getting in the way of the strange Europeans. But amiability of Turkish Cypriots, English politeness and practice of good English language atone some difficulties of unusual facts their culture.

You can buy some property in the Northern Cyprus and enjoy not only kindly climate, natural atmosphere, caressing sea and royal views there. You are being able to observe the most interesting habits of this old land.

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