Places to visit in North Cyprus

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyrus was founded in 1983 with the capital in Lefkosia (Nicosia). Now the only city in the world divided into two parts belongs to two different states – Greece and Turkey. One can get from one part to another via a checkpoint in the city. To reach North Cyprus nowadays is only possible by air previously landed in Turkey. The official language of Northern Cyprus - Turkish, mobile operators and currency - are also Turkish, the state religion - Islam.

The nice places in North Cyprus remain popular destinations for tourists from all over the world: there are many beaches, affordable and expensive hotels, restaurants with traditional Mediterranean food, and resorts for family vacation. In addition, the only European area, where the casinos are legal and are located in every touristic place, fascinates with their beauty and magnificent architecture.

For the fans of the architecture the following places are must see in North Cyprus:

Kyrenia Castle

Kyrenia Castle (or the Kyrenia Fortress) was built by the Byzantines in the 16th century in the harbour of Kyrenia. Later the buildings were expanded under the Lusignans, who completed the Byzantine chapel, the main entrance, the angular towers and the royal residence, and the Venetians, which strengthened the towers and adapted the walls to accommodate modern weapons to protect the fortress. In the history of the fortress's existence, it has never been stormed. However, in 1570 the garrison surrendered without a fight to the Ottoman army (the Turks used the castle solely as a military base). During the reign of the British government, police station has been located in the castle, and since 1974 it houses a museum in which you can see various archaeological findings and icons.

The ancient city of Salamis

The ancient city of Salamis - located 6 kilometres from Famagusta. It is an architectural monument, representing the ruins of a Hellenistic city. Its excavations are still going on since the middle of the 20th century. Also on the territory of the museum you can see the ruins of a huge ancient theater built in the 1st century AD, and Roman baths, the ruins of the temple of Zeus and the early Christian basilica, the remaining of the market square of the ancient city and the ruins of the wall protecting the city from the land.

The Belapais Abbey

The Belapais Abbey – it is located in the picturesque mountain village, few kilometres from Kyrenia. On the territory of the abbey art exhibitions and music festivals take place. The abbey has been built in the gothic style in 1198 by the Palestinian ascites. In the 13th century, it has been expanded by the Augustine monks. For a few years, it has been under the Greek Orthodox Church that is why you can still see the collection of icons, represented there. The abbey has never been used as a religious centre, though Greek nobles were using it as a residence from time to time.

Ghost Town of Varosha

Ghost Town of Varosha – is not an attraction for those, who are interested in architecture, but is a fascinating place. Varosha is a tourist district of Famagusta, which in the late 1960s was a very famous entertainment centre. However, in 1974, when the Turkish army entered Cyprus and occupied Famagusta, the Greeks were evacuated from the city, and the city’s quarter has been fenced. And, despite the fact that the Greeks were sure that they will return very soon, leaving all the furniture and objects in their places, the part of the city was never re-settled: neither by Greeks nor by Turks.

For those who travel with family and kids the following places to visit might be interesting:


Beaches - in Northern Cyprus, mostly sandy beaches, pebble beaches are much less common. There are both public and private, with a paid entrance (3 euros). For this money, you will get a beach equipped with sun loungers with umbrellas from the sun, shower and toilet. A big selection of water activities - water skiing and motorcycles, boat rental, diving, windsurfing is available. Different beaches are recommended for different categories of tourists. For example, Escape (Beach Escape) is suitable for young people and fans of night entertainment (there are clubs and discos in the open air). For families with children, good options are Acapulco Beach, Deniz-Kizi (DenizKizi), Camelot (Camelot Beach). They have a gentle entrance to the water (a shallow sea in the beginning) and a lot of entertainment for the child.

Parks and reservations – for the flora and fauna lovers the nice places to go in North Cyprus are Green Heights Park, Taskent doga parki, Ancient olive forest, Flowers paradise in Lapta, botanic garden of Babel, where tourists not only observe but also interact with the animals and can earn a lot of flowers and nature of Northern Cyprus. Take a look our property in North Cyprus!

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