Weather in Northern Cyprus

Every tourist wants to know about the best weather in every season around the world. The North Cyprus is a nice place with a good weather. It is situated in the middle of the warm Mediterranean Sea that makes equable climate in the Northern Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus climate


We are able to partition Northern Cyprus climate into two parts: winter and summer. In December the temperature is from 14 to 21 degrees above zero centigrade during the day and from 7 to 16 in the night-time. On the North Cyprus there are many sunny days in winter.

Northern Cyprus temperature in January doesn’t go below the level of December. In February the weather of the Northern Cyprus is also warm.

Perhaps you will be in want heating in winter months. Sometimes the day temperature gets low till 10 degrees above zero centigrade, but about six sun hours a day is helping you to survive such difficulties.

The weather in Famagusta (a town in the Northern Cyprus) is wonderful! There’s seldom rainy days here.

Weather in Kyrenia Cyprus (a town in the Northern Cyprus) is nice and pleasant too. The temperature of water from +19°C in December to +17°C in January and February.

Your resource in Northern Cyprus

There are many great places in Northern Cyprus. In winter warm days and fresh nights give a chance to visit different points of interest in Northern Cyprus.

You can buy some property in Northern Cyprus and enjoy the kindly climate, natural atmosphere, caressing sea and royal views there.

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