Property in Iskele

Real estate in Caesar Resort Caesar Resort is an apartment complex that was designed and developed by the Afik Group and is located in the region of...
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Real estate in Iskele (Trikomo)

Iskele is an important tourist center in the region of Famagusta and a beautiful location to build or own your villa by the sea. It has all amenities including fine-dining restaurants, supermarkets and hospitals, shops and much more. There are many historical sightseeing locations that attract a lot of tourists to this place. Yeni İskele (Trikomo) is really an important location in the region of Famagusta that offers a spectacular view and the town is known for its popular international dance festival. Iskele offers all kinds of amenities including roads, sufficient water, electricity and also is famous for its fine dining restaurants, hotels, shopping center and bars.

Enjoy Your Retirement Life in Yeni Iskele

People looking to spend their retirement life in a tranquil setting can certainly think about investing in real estate Iskele (Trikomo). You can find all kinds of property in Iskele including villas and apartments at various price ranges. It also offers properties to people looking for a modern day living or just looking for a vacation home to spend a month or two during their holidays. The rental income is also great in this region that you can blindly make your investment and get very good rental returns. Even Caesar Beach Resort (North Cyprus) offers provides great rental income for investors.

Property in Iskele – Right Time to Invest

If you are thinking about investing in a property Iskele, you can avail various flexible payment options without any interest rates. The sandy beaches are just 10-15 minutes from the town and you also get to access a lively fishing harbor at the nearby town of Bozas, Northern Cyprus. You can either buy properties to invest or build your own home with all necessary amenities at a very low cost. The real estate in Iskele is just in its early stages that it is the right time to invest in houses for sale in Iskele (Northern Cyprus).