Real estate in GUZELYURT

Region: GUZELYURT, Gaziveren
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£ 30 000

The advantages of buying real estate in Guzelyurt (Northern Cyprus)

North Cyprus property will like to all who are not indifferent to the Greek and Oriental culture or simply love the climate of the Mediterranean Sea. North Cyprus is an unrecognized state at the moment, so there are no barriers to entry and purchase of real estate here. This is why North Cyprus is gradually transformed into one of the most popular areas of real estate investment.

Secondary real estate in North Cyprus is not sold as actively as the primary. Cities and foreign "country clubs" are actively growing thanks to the attraction of foreigners who want to buy a house on the sea. But secondary real estate can be bought on this island, in most cases, it is not the worse quality of a new building. Property prices in North Cyprus depend on how close the sea to the house or apartment you buy.

One of the cities located close to the sea is Guzelyurt. This city is located in the west of North Cyprus, it is small and does not attract tourists so much. Guzelyurt is a quiet provincial city that has a measured lifestyle. Real estate in Gyuzeljurt is diverse, here you can buy an ordinary apartment or a luxury villa.

Buyers will be agreeably surprised by the fact that the cost of apartments and houses for sale in GUZELYURT (Northern Cyprus) often includes not only a full finish, but also built-in kitchen furniture, a wardrobe, and sometimes electrical appliances.

Guzelyurt villas are often rented out but they are also used for recreation and permanent residence because residence permits in Northern Cyprus are not difficult to get. The cost here also varies from inexpensive villas, which are located not so close to the sea, and villas with the sea views and relevant prices. There you can find your home.

The positive aspects to purchasing property in Guzelyurt:

  • Warm climate;
  • Quick obtain of residence permit;
  • Close location to the sea;
  • Low property tax;
  • Large selection of properties.