Real estate in Kyrenia

Region: KYRENIA, Tatlisu
One of the most picturesque places in North Cyprus! Entering «Caesar Bay» you are immediately plunged into the atmosphere of North Cyprus beauty. Villas,...
£ 55 000

Thinking of buying a property in North Cyprus, then you have made the right move in choosing to purchase a property in a market that is still in its early stages. Even better is there are a lot of properties to choose from including houses for sale in Kyrenia, northern Cyprus, apartments, garden apartments and penthouses.

Buy cheap villas in Kyrenia (Cyprus)

Please contact us to talk to our representatives to know more about the property, pricing or any other information you need regarding property for sale in Kyrenia. Our customer support personnel can provide you with all details and great advice about all properties available in your budget and also the various amenities and facilities that suit your requirements etc. We only list properties from some of the reliable and popular builders in North Cyprus who have a big reputation of providing great and exclusively designed apartments for sale in Kyrenia, North Cyprus.

Exclusive apartments for sale in Kyrenia

Our agents have a very good link with the prominent builders and developers and hence any new Kyrenia villas for sale will be available first in our property listings than anybody else. Purchasing Kyrenia apartments for sale is always an excellent prospect as they provide great value for our money and also provide great rental returns. If you are looking to spend your retirement life on the east coast, then North Cyprus is an excellent choice as it has thousands of miles of amazing coastline with great picturesque views and it is always easy to find a property close to the sea. One more important reason why a lot of people across Europe are rushing to invest in the Northern Cyprus region is that the pricing of villa for sale in Kyrenia (North Cyprus) is pretty much low when compared to other parts of Cyprus.

Only local real estate agents will know the in and out of the region and hence it is always better to look for local agents to buy a property in North Cyprus. We have many local agents in every area in and around North Cyprus, who have details about every prominent builder, developer and also about the launch of the next new apartment or villa Kyrenia, northern Cyprus for sale in the area.

Try to browse through the various Famagusta real estate property listings in our website and finalize on 2-3 properties and get to know more details about the order. If possible try to visit the property directly to see if it suits all your requirements. If you are visiting from another country, inform our customer representatives, they may help in arranging pick-up from the airport and provide you with 3 night stay in a 3-star hotel in Caesar Resort (North Cyprus).

Advantages of Buying villas in Kyrenia

  • Excellent value for money
  • Great rental returns in North Cyprus property
  • All basic amenities and facilities including restaurants, shopping centers, children playground, sports facilities, BBQ area, hospitals, bars and coffee shops available
  • Spectacular mountain views and close to the fishing harbor